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About me
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About me

An artist and art influencer, Harshita started actively painting and posting on Instagram during the lockdown. Ever since, she has worked on more than 50 commissioned artworks, and attracted all major stationery like Fevicryl Hobby ideas, Itsy-bitsy Craftstore, Zen Sangam, etc. for collaborations. She has also worked on paid collaborations with short video apps like Moj and Snapchat. She knows how to present her art in a manner that attracts the correct audience. Her reels touch millions of views and being in more opportunities her way.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this for?

Anyone who is passionate about art, wants to learn acrylic/gouache, become an art influencer and sell their art online.

Are the weekly tutorials live or recorded classes

They are recorded videos where you can share doubts or questions as comments, and get them answered

What's the paint-together session

We schedule an afternoon session every month on a Saturday, where we come together to create a small piece of art together, live

Will I get feedback on how to improve

Yes, the first 10 people to complete the task for the week, will get publicly viewable feedback from me. So other members can use it to improve too

Do I have access to all the previously posted videos

Yes you will get access to all posts, courses & content from the begining, along with new tips, hacks and tutorials that we release every week

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes your first month's membership is covered by a one-week, no questions asked, money back guarantee

Can I cancel my membership anytime

Yes it's simple to cancel your membership, just visit your profile and click on cancel membership for this network

Can I collaborate with you on instagram?

If you are on the Da Vinci Plan, create great art, shoot a video that has the potential to go viral, then I would be happy to collab (once a month)